Wednesday, March 6, 2013


When a novelist sets out to write a scary story, it helps to have a sense for the dark and frightening. Megan Miranda, the author of the YA novel, Fracture, knows what situations are intrinsically scary.

For example, falling through thin ice in a lake at night, is definitely horrifying. Our protagonist, a girl named Delaney Maxwell, does just that, and the book begins in a hospital ICU. Will she ever be a normal teen, possible valedictorian, like she was before she almost froze to death?

 Hypothermia is a creepy but rather interesting medical issue. There is a rule in medicine that a doctor never declares a cold, drowned, hypothermic patient in cardiac arrest dead. That "dead" heart, once warm, might beat again, and the cold brain might think again. So doctors and nurses warm cold patients like Delaney and she lives.

And here's something else that's scary: a mentally disturbed nursing assistant who believes he is helping the elderly and sick by murdering them. Yes, Miranda's character Troy is a deranged and lonesome dude.

Then there's the handsome heart-throb popular boy who suddenly has a seizure and . . . I won't tell you the rest.

The way Megan Miranda keeps death and danger always lurking in the background with compelling characters and settings kept me turning pages.

This novel felt to me like two genres in one: Horror and romance. Unthinkable events take place but in the end things fall into place, mostly, and love does mend the world inside Fracture and provide hope.

This was a fun read that left me wondering what would happen next . . . to me.

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  1. I've seen this book, but never read it. I'll add it to my list!