Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Are The Best Medicine

The theme of this beautifully illustrated picture book by Julie Aigner Clark and illustrator Jana Christy is stated clearly in the last eight words: "love and kindness really are the best medicine." Do they convince us? I think the author and illustrator through the text and pictures, do convince us that love will get Mom through her cancer treatment, just as love has nurtured her little girl from birth.

This story is in the mother's words as she gently explains certain facts to her little girl such as, " . . . this is not a sickness you can catch." Mom reassures her that they will still be together, " . . . you will light up my room with your big smile while I'm resting." She speaks about her hair loss from chemo by relating it to a bald baby's head, giving hope that the hair will grow back. Mom prepares her daughter for the "days when I don't feel good." The child is invited to bring Mom tea with honey and stories when she needs comfort.

The illustrations are done in soft lovely pastels and the text is written in gentle, calming sentences. For example Mom says, " . . . I knew that I would never love anyone in the whole world more than I loved you, that day that you first smiled."

A patient and family can't control certain aspects of their cancer treatment, but even children can show their love and kindness, and as you turn the pages of this book, the reader feels that love, indeed, is powerful medicine.

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  1. Lovely review, Janice! Looking forward to keeping up with your blog. :)